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Holy Mother Starlight Devi is a Mother of Unconditional Love and Compassion. She constantly works for the good of the world, absently and silently, as well as helping people on an individual basis irrespective of race or faith. She teaches a pure philosophy of love which awakens the heart and embraces the spirit to the glorious realisation that all life is One.

Holy Mother Starlight Devi is also a Specialist in the causes and treatment of serious and life threatening conditions, especially when time is short. She works by finding the root of the problem of which she has identified over 40.   She has a background in holistic/natural medicine and an understanding of the laws which govern "creation itself" enabling her to dissolve, repair and create tissue, and mitigate karma.

She works outside time and space so there is no need to see her personally no matter how serious your condition is.

When you contact Holy Mother Starlight Devi for help, she will immediately hold you in her heart. In this way some people start to feel better before they have even had any treatment!  

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